KatyKaty is often further defined as either “old Katy” or “the Katy area”. Old Katy is the actual City of Katy which was incorporated in 1945 and is located near the western edge of the greater Katy area. Before the City was incorporated and boundary lines were drawn, the entire area was known as Katy because Katy’s MKT Railroad Depot was the hub of all business in this vicinity. Today the Katy area includes the City of Katy but also the large sections of unincorporated Harris, Fort Bend and Waller counties and defined by the boundaries of the 181 sq mi (470 km2) Katy Independent School District. Most residents of the area have a Katy postal address causing some confusion. The All Aboard Katy! public art project and the Katy Area Economic Development Council’s “Energy Grows Here” branding initiative are large scale projects that have been launched to help promote, identify and unite the Katy area.


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