Kenneth Hosea

“We purchased a HUD home and even though that type of process is very stressful, Vanessa was always on top of things to meet deadlines and make it as smooth as possible for us. We were very pleased with her help and expertise and we’ll do business with her in the future. We certainly recommend her to anyone in need of a trusted and experienced realtor to help you in the search and purchase of the perfect home.”

Kim Rem

“Vanessa definitely went above and beyond her job. 5 stars really isn’t enough to give it to her. We knew of Vanessa through a good friend of ours. As a previous home owners we did everything on our own (biggest headache) and biggest regret so we couldn’t be more happier we found her. Following are the things that I think Vanessa has been consistently exceeded:
1. Expertise-we all know that the quickest way to know a person’s level of knowledge is by asking tons of questions (I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just my character of asking many questions). I couldn’t recall the specific questions that I’ve asked Vanessa but I was very impressed every time when I got the response from Vanessa. Her expertise and timely response makes her really reliable.
2. Timely communication – Vanessa has so many clients at hands but I was amazed by how she was still able to respond to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. It’s not just about the deliver on time; it’s the accuracy of her response and the knowledge she has that really makes the whole home buying process smooth.
3. Care – this is where I really think Vanessa went above and beyond. We were able to close our house within 2 weeks of putting in our offer, she worked and communicate with the Lender at all times. She actually did the leg work for the sellers agent also, sellers agent wouldn’t return phone calls and took a very long time to get anything done. Vanessa took the time and made sure we didn’t have to worry about anything, even if it means she has to finish someone else’s job. Closing day was a breeze she made sure our mind was at ease. If we are rich enough to purchase a second house, Vanessa will definitely be our first choice! Thank you Vanessa
From the bottom of our hearts thank you again! “

Kenneth and Maria

“I wish there was a “you are the best” button on here. My husband and I are so happy and grateful for all your help and hard work to get us in our home.
We had a very difficult seller and some people in the lender’s office who weren’t doing their best. That made Vanessa’s job extra hard but she took it upon herself to be there every time clarifying and fixing things so that the buying process could go smoothly. She did an outstanding work, even in the most stressful circumstances she made us feel at ease. She is very professional and organized. I’d like to point out that she was always available for my constant questions (I ask a lot) and always gave us good advice. She also made us feel as if we had known her for a long time and gained our trust right away which is something you really need when you are making this kind of decision. I recommend her to everyone without hesitation! Home buying can be very stressful but having the best realtor by your side to guide you will make the most difference and that’s exactly what Vanessa did for us.
If we decide to sell our house and buy another one you will definitely be the one doing it again…(that’s if you are up for the challenge lol, sorry we were such a pain, I blame the lender). We were so lost at the beginning of the process but your knowledgeable guidance certainly got us through it. “

Thao Winner

“Vanessa helped us find our home. Not only did she do that but she pushed the mortgage company, title company, and inspector to do their jobs. She was there every step of the way. Even when her job is done she still helped me with stuff that pertained to the house. She goes above and beyond her duties to make sure things are done correctly. Not to mention she is very knowledgeable and has good work ethics.
Vanessa you are a joy to work with even when I was a complete mess going through the process! I know was difficult at times but you always answered my calls and questions. I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me!”

Kristi Noravong-Lee

“I worked with Vanessa to both sell my house and to buy my dream home. In just a matter of days we had three offers! She made the process so easy and I was impressed with her professionalism as she guided me through the whole process of selling my house.
Vanessa went above and beyond to help me purchase my dream home. She helped me with anything and everything I needed. She even helped me make decisions at the Design Center. She worked hard to get issues resolved and was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome agent!”